Apr. 24th, 2017

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Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda 2017

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688: Birman

Last one for today! Had to catch up a bit :3
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Sid knows logically that all babies are small; even the ones who are born on the larger side, long or heavy or both, are tiny in comparison to any grown-up. Yet when he sees Lilia cradled in Geno’s hands, held against his chest so carefully, his face in awe of hers all scrunched up and yawning, she seems like the tiniest being in the universe, more precious than anything else. Sid’s heart thumps double-time when she fusses, and Geno murmurs words that soothe her, spoken quietly into the pink cap over her head as she calms and returns to sleep.

He doesn’t know how this became his life. For so long he’s traveled one path, and though the road often brings him to unexpected places, the path is one that’s predictable. Knowable.

Until Geno. Until Lilia.

It doesn’t seem so long ago that they exchanged their vows. Now here they are, their little family expanded by one, and Sid feels almost baffled at his amazing fortune. Before, he had only glimpsed this reality in his daydreams, but this is far beyond those pale imaginings. This is so much more.

Careful not to disturb her, Sid sits next to Lilia and Geno on their couch and marvels with him for a quiet moment. Her little mouth hangs open in a soft snore; her feet, bundled up under the blanket, twitch gently then settle. She’ll soon be awake and wanting a bottle, but for now they watch her sleep.

“She’s perfect,” Sid whispers around the lump in his throat. He wants to reach out and touch her face, but he doesn’t want to disturb her.

“Yes.” Geno sounds equally choked up. “Most perfect thing I’m ever see.” He turns to Sid with a watery smile. “Almost can’t believe she’s ours, Sid. Feels like–like dream.”

Sid leans in close enough to share breath. “The best dream. You remember?”

Geno’s smile turns to a grin. “Can’t forget. You tell me so many time, all your dream for kids, for marriage. And now we’re here. Best dream come true. Ohh, shh shh shh,” he says to Lilia, who stirs momentarily. He adjusts her so he can smooth his thumb over her forehead. “Almost time for food. You heat bottle?”

“Sure, I’ll do that.” Sid takes a second longer to look at Lilia’s wakening face before saying, “This is just the beginning. You know?”

Geno looks up at him. The beginning of parenthood, of Lilia’s own journey, the children they’ll bring into their family after her–it’s all there in the gaze between them. Sid doesn’t know for certain the path ahead of them, but when he looks at Geno and their daughter, he’s never more certain that the path they’re on is the right one. He’s never more grateful for the unknown. And Geno replies:

“I know.”

And Sid goes to get the bottle started.


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